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BEING ON THE SYNERTEK TEAM means getting involved, fulfilling your potential, and enjoying a good quality of life.

Working at Synertek during COVID-19

Our commitment to our workers and to preventing the spread of COVID-19 

We are convinced that our actions are important in the fight against the spread of COVID-19. As a company, we follow all of the measures recommended by the government and public health officials to ensure the safety and security of our employees.

Here are A few examples of the public health measures implemented by Synertek:

  • Employees must complete a daily questionnaire about their COVID-19 status.
  • If an employee reports any symptom or risk of exposure, we follow public health protocol.
  • Employees are supplied with disinfectant bottles and masks for personal use.
  • High-contact surfaces presenting a risk of contamination, such as door handles, light switches and handrails are disinfected multiple times per day.
  • Physical distancing has been facilitated by installing plexiglas, designating foot traffic direction in hallways, reorganizing common areas by distancing tables, and by using technology to avoid the need for in-person communication.
  • Should our employees need further guidance or have any additional questions, we refer them to the appropriate public health resources.

Do you have an interview at Synertek ?

Be assured that we take all the necessary precautions to make your visit the most as safe as possible. Please keep the following in mind during your visit:

  • Sanitize your hands upon arrival.
  • When you enter in the building, complete the visitor sign-in with your own pen.
  • It is mandatory to wear a face covering or mask from your arrival to the interview room.
  • The interview will be held in a spacious room that makes physical distancing possible.
  • Work surfaces, such as interview tables, will be disinfected before and after the interview.
  • Any question?  Do not hesitate to ask when we speak to schedule your interview.



Nos valeurs


We may be employees, managers, or senior executives, but we’re people first and foremost. Our basic needs are the same: we’re all entitled to achieve our aspirations and live a fulfilling life.

We believe that sharing and openness with each other helps us understand who we are and move forward together. 


The SYNERTEK team is highly skilled. As conscientious professionals, we rely on the professionalism of each and every one of our colleagues. Drawing on each person's strengths, we can do great things. 


Our behaviors and actions are guided by a moral code founded on good intentions.

We work for the success of the company and therefore for our own well-being, both individual and collective.


We are part of a community where everyone strives to do the right thing at the right time. SYNERTEK's success is important to us.

We’re aware of our impact in the workplace, and we are driven to achieve more and make our work meaningful.


We are creating our future. We look ahead and take the necessary steps to achieve our goals.


BOSSLESS STRUCTURE                          (post-conventional organization)













Experience synertek

Why Synertek ?

Why working for Synertek is different from working for other companies ? Let Veronique explain it !

Work-family balance

We want our employees to balance their work and family lives. See for yourself!


“Here I'm valued for my talents, which are put to use for the success of the team.”  »
has been contributing to SYNERTEK's success since 2006
“Self-reliance, recognition, and sharing are key values for me. At Synertek, they're part of our everyday routine. That's why I'm committed.” »
has been contributing to SYNERTEK's success since 2015
“My job allows me to share my talents and knowledge with the team.” »
has been contributing to SYNERTEK's success since 2006

Foire aux questions

The standard day shift is from 7:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday to Thursday, and from 7:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. on Fridays. The evening shift is from 4:45 p.m. to 3:15 a.m., Monday to Thursday.

We have put several measures in place to support the work–family balance. Employees are entitled to paid personal leaves. They also have access to a carte des horaires. The carte des horaires includes several alternative shift options that employees can work instead of the standard shift. These are two examples of ways we enforce a work—family balance.

Phased retirees are welcome at Synertek. Our phased retirement program allows employees to work a reduced number of hours per week (32 hours) or to work part-time.

We believe that physical activity and health are very important, and we encourage our employees to take care of their health. Our health and wellness program includes measures such as a yoga class and aerobic training class given at work, access to an onsite gym with shower access, conferences on health matters such as nutrition, etc.

Synertek employs 70 employees, most of whom work the day shift. The size of Synertek, combined with employee-centric practices, make Synertek an inviting and friendly workplace. For example, each new employee is given a guided tour of the premises and is introduced to every staff member to learn what they do at the company.

We are part of an occupational safety group that gave us the highest ranking based on our ability to adhere to laws and successfully lead prevention projects. This shows how much effort we put into workplace safety and how we take employee security to heart. 

Synertek has established a pay equity system that ensures fair and equal compensation for all employees, and we offer competitive salaries in the sheet metal industry. Employees are positioned on a salary scale according to function and based on the market. Upon hiring, salary is determined by the self-managed team according to the candidate’s skills and experience.

Unless it is expressly stated in the job description (contract, internship, summer job), opportunities are permanent. We believe that hiring stable resources adds value to the company. We are convinced that it is best to keep all of our employees on staff—even during off-peak periods—so that we are braced to serve our clients promptly and efficiently.

Advancement opportunities lead to professional fulfillment in terms of individual interests and talents rather than in terms of the prestige associated with a position of power. Opportunities vary according to the ever-evolving company structure, which is continually changing to better serve the company’s needs. As such, an employee can develop skills in his or her field of interest, lead motivating projects, or sharpen his or her expertise.

There is a palpable culture of gratitude in the workplace every day. A talented employee will have opportunities to deepen his or her knowledge through training and to broaden his or her field of expertise by providing other teams with assistance.

We organize dozens of activities each year. We are closed on Friday afternoons, so this is the best time to enjoy activities with colleagues: bowling, pool, curling, karting, tag-ball, barbecue, etc. Some of our employees take part in team sports: softball leagues, soccer tournaments, Défi Entreprise, marathons for not-for-profit organizations, etc. We also hold our traditional annual summer and Christmas parties.

We are looking for employees who are ready to learn and braced for a challenge, who will integrate well with the team and share and uphold our corporate values.

To learn how Synertek is different, come meet us! Call us to plan a meeting or drop by for a tour of the premises. We’d be pleased to meet you!

There are plenty of reasons to work for us. Take your pick!
• A stable job in a safe environment
• A united, high-performing team that excels thanks to trust-based relationships
• A place where your strengths are valued and your talents are recognized
• An organization where self-managed teams give rise to creativity and personal and professional fulfillment.



We evaluate applications as soon as we receive them, and we contact shortlisted candidates as soon as possible. Don’t wait to send in your CV! 


We schedule a phone interview to get to know you better. Use this opportunity to deepen your understanding of the role and to learn more about our company. Don’t hesitate to ask questions!


The human resources team consults the work team to determine whether your application is retained for the next step.


The in-person interview is intended to be friendly and enjoyable. You will have the opportunity to meet with one or two co-workers to see if you’re a good fit with the team.


Regardless of the answer, we will follow up with you shortly after the interview.


We have a welcome-and-onboarding process that will make you feel at home from your very first day on the job. Welcome to the Syner-Team!

Employment equity

We value inclusion and diversity in the workplace and support the principle of equal employment opportunity. We encourage people in minority groups to apply (Indigenous peoples, visible minorities, people with disabilities, women, etc.).


Current openings

Apply today!

Conseiller(ère) en ressources humaines

Créativité & humanisme

Display start date: 2022-05-24

You will have as objective...

Viens faire partie d'une équipe en ressources humaines engagée, créative et impliquée, dans une entreprise où l'esprit de communauté règne. Chez nous, on mise sur la force de l'équipe et on cherche continuellement à créer un milieu de vie au travail stable, sécuritaire, satisfaisant, engagé et perçu comme équitable. On encourage l'initiative, l'amélioration continue, l'intelligence collective, la communication et la rétroaction. C'est ce qui fait de nous une entreprise où il fait bon vivre et travailler.


Général :

  • Agir à titre de personne-ressource RH auprès des employés et gestionnaires;
  • Participer à l'élaboration des politiques, programmes, normes, règles ou procédés de gestion des ressources humaines, en effectuer le suivi et assurer leur diffusion;
  • Assurer la mise à jour et l'analyse des indicateurs de performance en matière de ressources humaines, produire et présenter les rapports afin de mesurer et d'améliorer les pratiques et initiatives et établir les plans d'actions appropriés;
  • Mettre à jour les informations des dossiers individuels des employés;
  • Supporter les membres de la direction dans leurs défis de gestion des ressources humaines et dans l'application des politiques et procédures de l'entreprise;
  • Participer aux mandats stratégiques des ressources humaines;
  • Initier et coordonner des activités pour animer la vie sociale de l'entreprise, célébrer les réussites ou mobiliser l'équipe

 Recrutement :

  • Coordonner le processus d'embauche des employés, tant local qu'international (description de postes/affichage/intégration et présélection/recommandations, au besoin);
  • Optimiser la visibilité de la marque employeur au niveau du marché et des différentes plateformes, par des concepts créatifs et originaux, pour attirer les candidats potentiels correspondant aux valeurs et à la culture de l'entreprise;
  • Agir comme ambassadeur et positionner l'entreprise comme employeur de choix grâce à sa notoriété auprès des candidats potentiels;
  • Participer à la mise en place de pratiques favorisant une expérience candidat alignée à notre culture unique et forte;
  • Collaborer à divers projets qui mettent de l'avant la marque employeur.

 Rémunération :

  • Agir en tant que personne-ressource auprès des employés quant aux questions liées au système de paie, au régime d'assurance collective et autres avantages sociaux;
  • Collaborer et conseiller son supérieur immédiat en ce qui a trait aux avantages sociaux (REER collectif, régime de retraite, assurance collective et autres).

 Formation et développement :

  • Compiler les besoins en formation et en développement des compétences;
  • Proposer des activités de formation;
  • Assurer l'inscription, les demandes de subventions et les suivis des formations.

 Santé et sécurité :

  • Collaborer et conseiller son supérieur immédiat et les membres de la direction en ce qui concerne les dossiers d'invalidité, d'accident de travail et de maladie professionnelle;
  • Gérer l'aspect administratif des dossiers de santé et sécurité au travail.

 Divers :

  • Effectuer toutes autres tâches connexes.


  • Baccalauréat en ressources humaines ou relations industrielles;
  • Avoir une expérience pertinente d'au moins 5 ans
  • Démontrer un talent naturel et de l'intérêt à travailler avec la technologie et réseaux sociaux;
  • Autonomie, initiative et proactivité;
  • Créativité, sens de l'innovation et sens critique;
  • Faire preuve de discernement;
  • Habiletés communicationnelles développées;
  • Bon sens de l'organisation et capacité à travailler sur plusieurs dossiers à la fois;
  • Rigueur et engagement;
  • Avoir le sens du service client, que ce soit avec un employé ou un gestionnaire;
  • Avoir de l'entregent et une attitude positive.


  • Emploi permanent à temps plein;
  • Horaire de 40 heures par semaine du lundi au vendredi;
  • Rémunération compétitive (60 528 à 75 836 $)
  • Possibilité de faire du télétravail en mode hybride;
  • Gamme d'assurances collectives complètes;
  • Régime de participation différée aux bénéfices;
  • Programme d'aide aux employés et télémédecine;
  • Faire partie d'une organisation qui mise sur la gestion participative et l'amélioration continue;
  • Travailler dans un environnement de travail stimulant;
  • Gym sur place.

Required qualifications

Desired qualities


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