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Aluminum sheet processing for all companies

For all your needs of manufacturing parts with aluminum sheets, do not hesitate to contact Synertek.

Our company is a master in the art of metal processing. We have the capacity to offer you a complete range of services for the manufacture of parts with aluminum sheets. Our metallurgical expert-engineers are able to offer you laser cutting, punching, assembly, as well as many professional finishing services. If you are looking for a trustworthy company for your aluminum sheet transformation projects, trust our team.

We accomplish projects ranging from very simple to hypercomplex daily, thanks to our rigorous working methods. Our team is proud to offer an aluminum sheet transformation turnkey service. We are also able to adapt to the production flow, without compromising the quality of the final result. No matter how large your production needs are, we are able to adapt to it and execute it within prescribed deadlines. We work with unique and regular projects to meet our customers’ needs.

We also put the know-how of our expert engineers at your disposal. Do not hesitate to contact us to take advantage of our design assistance service to transform your aluminum sheets. For a final result that lives up your expectations, it's with our team that you must do business!

Aluminum sheets used at Synertek

In order to offer the highest quality service, only aluminum that meets our high quality standards is selected. We therefore use 5052-H32 aluminum for our aluminum sheet transformation work. This type of aluminum alloy is recognized for its lightness and electrical conductivity. 5052-H32 aluminum sheet is also flexible in bending and has excellent corrosion resistance.

Why choose Synertek for your aluminum sheet transfomation needs?

Our company is a trusted company. Our metallurgical engineering experts have the experience and know-how to carry out your project. Our rigorous methods allow us to adapt to any type of project and to obtain a final result that lives up to your expectations.

In order to offer you the best service on the market, our team works with state-of-the-art equipment. This is what allows us to offer you exemplary results. Another advantage of choosing Synertek for your metal work is that we offer multiple services under one roof. In addition to our professional design assistance services, you can take advantage of multiple manufacturing and finishing services. Your aluminum sheets could not be in better hands. From laser cutting to silk screening, we are able to meet your needs. Our team is here for you, no matter what type of metal transformation project you need.

To receive more information on our aluminum sheet processing service, contact us today. We are delighted to take the call and try to answer all your questions.