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Panel Bending

Synertek meets your metal bending needs with high-quality panel benders. Our press brake service combines unparalleled precision with optimal productivity.



What is a panel bender?

A panel bender is a metal bending  machine that operates by numeric control or automatically through programming. It is used to create complicated metal parts. Its process makes it possible to quickly carry out the complex bending of a metal part.

It is therefore ideal for creating any product usually manufactured through conventional bending. This makes it an essential tool for creating panels, doors, boxes, or cases.

Optimal productivity

Synertek’s panel benders stand out from other conventional press brakes thanks to their intensive productivity. Depending on the configuration, they can perform one bend per second or one bend every three seconds. These machines instantly link different productions thanks to the automatic tool changer and the versatility of the process.

Thanks to their digital programming, which ensures the feasibility of the parts, they are up to 8 to 10 times faster than a traditional press brake. The initial configuration performed according to the requested part is the most important point.

While a panel bender can sometimes take longer to program, once the commands have been performed, everything is simplified. The installation and setup are done automatically at the start and middle of the process. This ensures efficiency and speed.

Panel benders offering unparalleled precision

Thanks to precise programming, the metal part is centred only once at the start of the process against the reference stops, which have been defined beforehand. This process helps minimize precision errors.

However, if errors were to occur, they would be fully absorbed by the first bend. The panel bender ensures that there are no bend marks, unlike traditional bending techniques.

Thanks to cutting-edge technology, the panel bender automatically detects and compensates for the slightest variation in the material used. This ensures optimal precision and high-quality bends.

Trust Synertek’s metal bending service

With more than ten years of experience in metal processing, Synertek is proud to offer you a full range of metal processing services. For more information about our panel benders and our metal bending service, don’t hesitate to contact us today. We will be pleased to answer all your questions and speak with you.

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