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About us

Forging trust out of metal

In 2004, Cendrine Cartegnie, Charlaine Cartegnie, and Philippe Jallais founded Synertek with the goal of revolutionizing sheet metal fabrication. Drawing on their experience in the family business, and later with other leading companies, the three founders built a business in line with their goals and based on a distinctive product. The company quickly stood out for the passion that drove its team and the quality of its products.

Today, synertek is:

a team that faces challenges with enthusiasm and enjoys a reputation for ingenuity and skill in design and production, and for its willingness to collaborate with customer resources

an attentive, flexible team ready and able to adapt to customer needs and realities and committed to transparency and accurate project tracking

high-quality products that add value, backed by skilled employees committed to excellence and by equipment that makes it possible to deliver a high level of sophistication

The shareholders

The pessimist complains about the wind; the optimist expects it to change; the realist adjusts the sails. »
- William Arthur Ward
Cendrine cartegnie
It is hard to fail, but it is worse never to have tried to succeed. »
- Franklin D. Roosevelt
Philippe Jallais
Quality must be built into design and into each process. It can't be created though inspections. »
- Kaoru Ishikawa
Charlaine Cartegnie
Humans have the power to achieve great things. They can build a life, create a different life, or help build a life for others. »
- Thierry Cohen
Francis Cartegnie


Proud recipient of several awards

  • 2005 : Business creation laureate, exploitation/processing/manufacturing category (Lévis-Lotbinière area) – Québec Entrepreneurship Contest
  • 2007 : “Le Performant” finalist (small businesses) – Les Pléiades
  • 2009 : “Jeunes entrepreneurs Est du Québec” finalist – Entrepreneurs Awards
  • 2010 : “Coup de cœur” award – SDÉ Lévis at “Rendez-vous des leaders de Lévis”
  • 2012 : “Le Performant” finalist (medium-sized and large businesses) – Les Pléiades
  • 2014 : Work-family balance award (Chaudière-Appalaches area) – Ministère de la Famille 
  • 2015 : “Distinction Avenir” award – Grandes Distinctions Desjardins
  • 2018 : “Distinction 2018” award, Management practices and well-being (medium and small businesses) – Groupe Entreprises en santé
  • 2019 :  “Le Succès RH finalist (medium-sized and large businesses) – Les Pléiades
  • 2022 : "Distinction 2022" award, Manufacturing companies - Small businesses – Groupe Entreprises en santé

Certifications and attestations

ISO 9001:2015

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Carbone Scol'ère

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ICI on recycle +

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