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Des decoupes laser efficaces et des pieces livrees selon notre engagement


At Synertek, we don't believe in excuses. That's why we deliver in keeping with our promises to you. Our quality promise. Our on-time promise. Period.

To keep our promises, we use high-performance management tools at every step of the work we do. We know how to keep things simple, for us and for you.

Support services

Project analysis

What is the best way to meet your objective?

What are the key factors?

Of course, costs are a factor, but there may more important imperatives at play, including appearance, looks, ability to withstand the application environment, structural rigidity, or the conductivity of materials.

The earlier our engineering department gets involved in your project, the easier it is for our experts to provide you with a clear and comprehensive overview of the practical implications of focusing on one specific parameter.

There are different paths leading to the same destination. Our project analysis service will explain all your options... and maybe show you an unexpected shortcut.

Order tracking

Our unwavering commitment to on-time delivery means we carefully plan and track every step of our production process, from prep through to delivery.

We constantly strive to ensure that our clients never even feel the need to check their project’s progress. Our processes give you complete piece of mind when it comes to your order.

We pride ourselves on delivering each order exactly as agreed.

Manufacturing simulation

Our virtual manufacturing simulations are both highly accurate and extremely useful. We use them to confirm a part’s feasibility for the various cutting, bending, and assembly operations.

Such virtual simulations are helpful when carried out in advance of the order. They are an excellent way to help confirm the technical feasibility, costs, and precise timeframe of each stage in the production sequence. Simulations are also helpful after the order, to confirm and maintain actual timeframes.

In addition, we use virtual simulations as planning and management tools in our factory. They help us run different projects simultaneously and efficiently.

In all cases, you benefit from accurate information about all aspects of your project and the knowledge that your timetable will be met throughout the entire process.

Case studies



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