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Tip 3/24 : Subscribe to organic produce baskets

A brief look at organic produce baskets

Produce baskets are filled with fresh, locally grown, organic vegetables. A subscription is taken out with a local or regional market garden producer for a set period of time. Baskets are then delivered to a predetermined drop-off point according to the subscriber’s desired delivery frequency. The sign-up period for seasonal subscriptions usually begins in February or March. Find your local market garden producer here: Family Farmers Network.

Why subscribe?

  • It encourages environmentally friendly, pesticide-free, sustainable agriculture.
  • It prevents the need for overpackaging by grocers.
  • It provides fresh, local food and the discovery of new vegetables throughout the season.

What can your company do?

  • Are several of your employees interested in subscribing? You could become an organic basket drop-off point!
  • Subscribe to a local veggie basket delivery program as a company and hold a draw every week to introduce employees to organic, locally grown produce.
  • Organize a social activity such as a group visit to a farmer’s market.
  • Use caterers who source their produce from local and organic farms.
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