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ICI on recycle +

Effective April 8, 2020, Synertek attained Performance+ level certification by Recyc-Québec’s ICI on recycle + program.

In addition to adopting a residual materials management policy and a procurement policy to guide our actions, we have implemented several concrete strategies. Here are 10 of them to inspire your organization.

  • Use paper supply that contains a minimum of 30% post-consumer content.
  • Designate a sorting area for hazardous household materials such as batteries, ink cartridges, paint, bulbs and electronic equipment.
  • Replace products for individual use such as condiment packets and household cleaning products with bulk items.
  • Install hand dryers in bathrooms.
  • Add organic waste bins for used paper towel disposal in bathrooms.
  • Replace disposable cups with reusable glasses and cups.
  • Buy reusable dishes and utensils for social events.
  • Replace disposable office supplies with reusable or rechargeable supplies (e.g. reusable tape, refillable whiteboard markers, etc.).
  • Make the workplace bottled water-free and replace 18 L-bottled water dispensers with coolers connected to the main waterline.
  • Turn used work uniforms into industrial rags.

Our next step:  We will identify, categorize and quantify our residual materials to evaluate our performance and reduce the amount of waste we generate.

Interested in certification? Go to the Recyc-Québec website for more information.


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