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Stainless steel sheet manufacture

Looking for the perfect company to make your stainless steel sheets? Contact Synertek.

We offer a large number of services related to metal processing. Our company offers services like laser cutting, punching, assembly and many finishing services. For all your stainless steel sheet needs, we are the company for you.

We work according to rigorous methods. These methods allow us to accomplish projects that vary from very simple to hypercomplex daily. Our pride? Offering a turnkey stainless steel sheet transformation service that meets the demand of our customers, without ever sacrificing the quality of the final result. Our team works with unique and regular projects and we have the ability to execute the work within prescribed deadlines.

Our metallurgical experts are also at your disposal. You can, therefore, take advantage of a design assistance service for the processing of your stainless steel sheets. To obtain a service that lives up to your expectations, do not hesitate to contact Synertek today.

Stainless steel sheets used at Synertek

Our metal processing experts work with two types of stainless steel sheets to better meet our customers’ needs. They are 304-4 stainless steel, which is more aesthetic, and 304-2B stainless steel, for projects that require additional corrosion protection. Here are more details on these sheets to help you determine the ideal sheet for your project.

304-4 Stainless steel

If your project requires stainless steel to be visible to the end-user, 304-4 stainless steel sheet is your solution. This material is mainly used for visible parts due to its aesthetics. Moreover, it is often compared to the "stainless" of appliances. It has a visible linear finish and we also protect it against scratches during delivery. We recommend it for projects where powder coating is not a feasible solution, for example in the sanitary fields. This stainless steel sheet is the most used in the industry because it is easy to weld and offers good consistency when folding.

304-2B Stainless steel

Having physical properties comparable to 304-4 stainless steel sheet, 304-2B stainless steel is an ideal solution for projects that have higher anti-corrosion requirements. Slightly less aesthetic than the previous one, 304-2B stainless steel has no linear finish or visible brushing.

Why hire our team for your stainless steel sheet transformation project?

Our metal processing experts have the experience and the know-how necessary to obtain a final result that meets your expectations. We work with rigorous methods that allow us to adapt to any type of project and we are masters in the art of metal processing.

Our team is also equipped with state-of-the-art equipment. We are therefore able to provide exemplary results. And thanks to our many metal processing services, you can do most of your work under one roof. We offer professional design and manufacturing services as well as finishing services for all your stainless steel sheets projects. From laser cutting to silkscreening, assembly and painting, our team is here to help. Trust our experts for all your metal processing needs.

If you need more information about our stainless steel sheet transformation service, do not hesitate to contact us. An experienced member of our team will be happy to talk to you and try to answer all your questions.