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Une equipe devouee pour vos besoins en usinage de pieces de metal


We offer creativity and expertise, not only in manufacturing, but also in designing and developing any parts that can be made out of sheet metal. A winning strategy saving you time and money without sacrificing quality.

The Synertek team has earned quite a reputation for enjoying a challenge.



Our Engineering and Technical Support Department is ready to help you develop your projects. Our mission is to transform your ideas into a product you can be proud of.

Our precision methods and commitment to customers ensure that you benefit from top-flight sheet metal expertise. We will work with you to develop creative solutions that save you time and money during product development. We can also help you improve on existing ideas with a view to saving you money or improving your product. By letting us take care of the sheet metal component of your project, you'll have more time to focus on the areas where your expertise is most valuable. 

Feasibility validation

For us, the question isn’t “Can we do it?”, but rather, “How can we do it?”

In addition to their experience, our team members use virtual simulation to validate the possibilities and constraints of various operations, both individually and as part of the production sequence.

Actual prototypes are fabricated as needed and subjected to physical tests.

Method selection

We explore the different production methods available, focusing on the desired end result.

Our multitalented staff and multipurpose equipment help us pinpoint the best method for your needs in terms of the product’s physical characteristics and your budget.

Here too, close collaboration between our expert team can be a winning strategy for you.

Design optimization

We transform general 3D manufacturing plans into 3D sheet metal plans.

Minor modifications at this stage can frequently have a major impact on the product, be it in terms of the final physical quality, cost, or production time.

3D modeling

We deal with plans of every kind, from bare-bones basic to highly sophisticated.

In practice, we can step in at any time, whether you provide a simple sketch or a 3D model analyzed from all angles, with a validated production method and accurately assessed during production.

Case studies



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