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For CR steel processing carried out by metal processing experts, contact Synertek. It’s with great pride that we place our metallurgical expert engineers at your disposal. We’re here to help you in your CR steel processing projects.

We offer our turnkey metal processing service for over 15 years. Our experts have the ability to adapt to various production flows, without ever compromising the impeccability of the final result. Trust our team to carry out your CR steel processing projects.

One of the main advantages of working with our company is we’re a metal processing center. Our impressive range of services offers design assistance, transformation and finishing services. You can therefore take advantage of many metal processing services under one roof. Services like laser cutting, punching, screen printing and painting are offered at Synertek.

Working with our team is also the guarantee of very high quality work, carried out within prescribed deadlines. We work according to rigorous methods, which guarantees you an impeccable CR steel processing end result. Our team also respects all occupational health and safety standards. Whether your work is simple or hypercomplex, we are able to adapt and offer you a final result up to your expectations.

For any questions regarding our CR steel processing service, please don’t hesitate to contact us. An experienced member of our team will be happy to take the call.

What is CR steel?

CR steel, commonly known as cold rolled steel, is a type of cold rolled steel less than or equal to 14 GA thickness. This steel, after being heat pressed, cools to room temperature before being rolled into large sheets. The main advantage of CR steel is that it offers better bending consistency, a smoother and more even surface, as well as a better thickness tolerance.

CR steel is also known to have:

  • A more polished final appearance
  • More precise dimensions
  • Smooth surfaces which may be slightly oily to the touch
  • Well-defined edges and corners

Although a little more expensive than HRPO steel, this type of steel is mainly used for jobs that require both precision and aesthetics. It is also more resistant to tension and deformation thanks to the hardening process to which it is subjected.

The advantages of working with Synertek for your CR steel transformation project

Our company possesses over 15 years experience in metal processing. We are also an excellent service center for everything related to the design, processing and finishing of your parts. You can therefore carry out most of the work with the help of our metallurgical expert-engineers.

By offering many metal processing services, we are able to facilitate and accelerate production in order to execute the work within prescribed deadlines.

We also work with state of the art equipment  and follow a rigorous methodology. Our working techniques have enabled us to become market leaders. Regardless of the type of production and the type of parts, we are able to adapt and offer you an exemplary end result. Entrust your CR steel processing work to our team, we are delighted to be able to put our expertise at your service.

For more information on the different services offered at Synertek, contact us. We’ll take the call with great pleasure and try to answer all your questions.