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BEING ON THE SYNERTEK TEAM means getting involved, fulfilling your potential, and enjoying a good quality of life.

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our values


We continue to move forward despite the difficulties encountered. We are not afraid to do things differently and explore the new. We move forward to progress and become the best version of ourselves. We show intelligence and discernment in our actions, which leads to superior results.


We take care of each other and act with empathy. The harmony and solidarity that emanate from each of our interactions make Synertek a united family. We are open to differences and we remain attentive to each other. By doing so, we promote equity, diversity, and inclusion.


We are part of a great team and we work together for the common good. We recognize each other's strengths and are not afraid to highlight them. This is how we co-build a sustainable and prosperous future for all. Each of us has our own limits. Recognizing and respecting them makes us full-fledged humans.


We show integrity and professionalism. Our behaviors and actions respect a moral code driven by healthy intentions as well as a set of rules promoting coexistence.

synertek Benefits

LIBERATED COMPANY (post-conventional company)











Work-family balance

We want our employees to balance their work and family lives. See for yourself!

Notre programme de conciliation famille-travail créatif et avant-gardiste est reconnu par l'attestation Concilivi.

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Why Synertek ?

Why working for Synertek is different from working for other companies ? Let Veronique explain it !

En 2022-2023, nos interventions en santé et mieux-être ont été récompensées par le Prix Distinction du Groupe Entreprises en santé.

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Grâce à notre culture de santé et mieux-être, nous détenons la reconnaissance Entreprise en santé - niveau 1.

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Vous cherchez un milieu de travail sécuritaire ? Nous faisons partie d'une mutuelle de prévention qui nous a accordé la plus haute classification, reconnaissant ainsi tous nos efforts en matière de prévention de la santé et sécurité au travail.

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Apprendre un nouveau métier vous intéresse ? Devenez apprenti ! Chez Synertek, nous utilisons le Programme d'apprentissage en milieu de travail (PAMT) pour offrir une formation fiable et structurée utilisant la formule du compagnonnage.

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“Here I'm valued for my talents, which are put to use for the success of the team.”  »
has been contributing to SYNERTEK's success since 2006
Je travaille pour un employeur qui travaille pour moi. »
has been contributing to SYNERTEK's success since 2020
Travailler chez Synertek me permet d'évoluer professionnellement dans le respect de mes valeurs. Synertek est pour moi, un milieu de travail stimulant où l'humain est reconnu et entendu. »
has been contributing to SYNERTEK's success since 2013

Frequently asked questions

The standard day shift is from 7:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday to Thursday, and from 7:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. on Fridays. The evening shift is from 4:45 p.m. to 3:15 a.m., Monday to Thursday.

Retired and pre-retired individuals are welcome at Synertek. Our work-retirement balance program allows them to benefit from a reduced work schedule (32 hours) or to work part-time.

Phased retirees are welcome at Synertek. Our phased retirement program allows employees to work a reduced number of hours per week (32 hours) or to work part-time.

We believe that physical activity and health are important and we like to encourage anyone to take care of their health! Therefore, our workplace health program includes various measures such as access to a gym and showers on the work premises, creation of sports teams and participation in various sports events with financial contribution from the employer, organization of conferences on topics such as nutrition, etc.

There are 70 colleagues in the Syner-team, who mainly work in day shifts. The size of the company, combined with human practices, makes Synertek a friendly and warm workplace. For example, when starting a new position, we offer a welcome tour that allows meeting each member of the Synertek team and discovering roles in the organization. We also have a mentoring program to facilitate the social integration of new recruits.

We are part of a prevention mutual that has awarded us the best prevention rating due to our ability to comply with laws and carry out prevention projects. This means that we make a lot of efforts and we care about the safety of our team.

At Synertek, we have put in place means to ensure internal equity while offering competitive salaries in the sheet metal sector. Thus, employees are positioned on salary scales specific to each position and based on the market. For the sake of transparency, our salaries are always posted on our job offers.

Unless there is a specific need, we offer permanent positions, as we believe it is advantageous to hire stable resources. The experience gained in the position brings added value to the company. We are convinced that it is preferable to keep members of our team employed, even in slower periods, in order to have all the necessary human resources to respond well to our clients' demands. Therefore, the posted positions are permanent, unless otherwise indicated (contract, internship, student employment).

Advancement opportunities allow for professional fulfillment by considering interests and talents rather than the prestige associated with a position of power. Thus, opportunities vary depending on the company's evolving structure to better serve the company's purpose. It is therefore possible to develop skills in areas of interest, work on motivating projects, or improve oneself in one's field!

Synertek has developed a culture of gratitude that is felt in everyday work. Demonstrating certain talents offers opportunities to deepen one's knowledge through training or broaden one's skills by providing assistance to other departments.

We organize or participate in about ten activities each year. As the factory is closed on Friday afternoons, it is an ideal time to enjoy social activities with colleagues, such as bowling, billiards, curling, go-karting, tag-ball, barbecues, etc. We also participate in group sports activities such as a softball league, a soccer tournament, the Défi Entreprises, a walk for a non-profit organization, etc. We also have the traditional summer and Christmas parties that take place every year.

We are looking first and foremost for people who are willing to learn, who will fit well into the team, and who share our values!

To find out how Synertek stands out from others, there is nothing better than coming to visit us! By visiting us, you will see the importance we place on the quality and precision of our work. We transform ideas into projects, no matter the level of difficulty.

There are several reasons why our members have chosen to work with us. It's up to you to find yours!

  • Stable employment in a safe work environment.
  • A united team that performs and excels in its field thanks to relationships based on trust.
  • An organization in which your strengths will be valued and your talents recognized.
  • A company where team autonomy gives way to creativity and professional and personal fulfillment.

We currently do not recruit internationally. However, you can still apply if you have a valid work permit.

This is the online platform where you can view job listings, apply, and follow up on your application. You must join our talent community to receive career opportunities that match your interests.

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